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with Resonance Science Foundation

+ online course   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

with Resonance Science Foundation

Resonance Academy - Unified Science Course - Exploring the Connected Universe

Exploring the Connected Universe


"Resonance Science Foundation is a global research and education non-profit organization committed to the unification of physics and science as a whole."

Founded by physicist Nassim Haramein in 2004, the Resonance Science Foundation team of researchers and educators have developed a formal unified view of physics. These findings have implications and applications to revolutionary technologies that transform people’s lives and the world as a whole, helping to overcome some of the largest challenges facing the world today.

The Resonance Science Foundation provides educational opportunities through the Resonance Academy, an online learning platform and international learning community that empowers people to gain a coherent and fundamental understanding of the structure, mechanics and dynamics of the universe.

The Resonance Academy's Unified Science Course is based on Nassim Haramein's 30+ years of research and development of his unified field theory. Featuring insights from Academy Faculty and researchers, the six modules in the course take each student on their own journey in understanding the dynamics of the connected universe.

Explore the core concepts of unified physics, the holographic principle, current and emerging views in science, the historical roots of modern physics and the research of pioneers such as Einstein, Tesla, Fuller and Bohm.

Module 1 - Worldview Shift
This module explores how humans have viewed the world at different points in history, and distinguishes between two types of worldviews: disconnected and connected.

Module 2 - Thinking Differently
This module covers the innovative thinkers throughout history that have challeneged current worldviews and pioneered new ways of thinking. Explore their processes, methods and insights.

Module 3 - Modern Physics
This module reviews the history of modern physics and the major breakthroughs in thinking that have shaped our society, technology, and modern perception of reality. It also explores some of the assumptions inherent in many modern physics theories, and uncovers major problems with current leading theories in physics.

Module 4 - Unified Physics
The new views of today. A connected universe. Action and reactions across the universe. All things are communicating in a connected view and worldview.

Module 5 - Ancient Origins
Module 5 explores the roots of Unified Physics in ancient cultures all over the world. Discover keys that suggest a global civilization not currently covered in our academic history books, and the advanced technologies and knowledge they may have held.

Module 6 - Implications & Applications
The final module takes us to the cutting edge of technology and consciousness, and beyond. Explore the powerful implications of applied Unified Physics and discover the potential future of human life in the cosmos.

Learn more about the Resonance Academy Unified Science Course and/or register for free.


+ online conference   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

Sunday 13 and Monday 14 June 2021 (NZST)4am - 12.45pm (NZST)

Spiritual Awakenings International Online Conference 2021


- Renowned international speakers
- Fascinating experiencers panel
- NEW Spanish language panel
- NEW “NDE Talking Dead”™ panel
- Discussing all types of “Spiritually Transformative Experiences”™

Speakers include:

  • +  Dr. Bruce Greyson MD - USA
  • +  Bill Guggenheim - USA
  • +  Dr. Yvonne Kason MD - Canada
  • +  Dr. Francis Lu MD - USA
  • +  Jyoti Ma - USA
  • +  Kimberly Clark Sharp MSW, LICSW - USA

View full conference schedule.

Please note that the conference times/dates shown in the schedule are in Pacific Time, not New Zealand time. You need to add 19 hours to the times/dates in the schedule to find out what time it will be in New Zealand.

"Spiritual Awakenings International™ is a non-profit worldwide network of individuals and groups who are interested in collaborating to raise awareness, network, and share personal experience relating to diverse types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences™, to raise global spiritual awareness."

Find out more about Spiritual Awakenings International™.


with Simon Bown

+ podcast   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

with Simon Bown

The Past Lives Podcast

"My mission on The Past Lives Podcast is to investigate evidence that demonstrates survival of human consciousness after death. Each week I will be looking into a different aspect of this field of life after death and go in depth into the evidence that is all around us."

Simon Bown runs the Past Lives Podcast and has produced over 160 podcast episodes. Simon looks into reincarnation, children with past life memories, near death experiences (NDE), spirit communication and anything else that suggests that consciousness continues after death. In each one-hour episode Simon interviews researchers in the field and people who have had very real experiences. "Almost all of the guests have written a book and in preparation for each episode I read the book to give me the knowledge to ask in-depth questions."

You can listen to the Past Lives Podcast for free on YouTube, Audible, TuneIn and Spotify etc.


+ documentaries/interviews   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

Anthony Chene Productions - Spiritual Waters NZ spiritual + natural health online directory

Anthony Chene is a freelance filmmaker and photographer based in France, who creates "documentaries and interviews about who we really are".

After graduating in media journalism and audiovisual production, Anthony first worked as a video reporter within companies, media agencies and TV channels. Now Anthony works as a freelancer (DOP, director, or video reporter) for various clients, and also develops his own projects (documentaries, videoclips, fiction).

Most of Anthony Chene's work is "available for free to reach a broader audience", including the documentaries and interviews below.

You can view more of Anthony's inspiring, uplifting and informative videos on the Filmmaker page of his website.

Beyond Our Sight - Documentary by Anthony Chene

Beyond Our Sight” is an independant documentary that talks about near-death experiences, human consciousness, and the possibility of communication with other dimensions.

Enlightenment - Documentary by Anthony Chene

Enlightenment” - Documentary
"How can we overcome our fears? How do we reconnect with our intuition? What is the power and magic of using your intention? To what extent can we use it to reach the life we truly want? Who are we really? How can we experience enlightenment, oneness, and our divine identity?"

Who We Are - Documentary by Anthony Chene

Who We Are” - Documentary
"We have interviewed neuroscientists, meditators, survivors of near-death experiences, and various PhD scientists, to find answers and try to figure out what is our relationship to the universe and who we really are, what is our deep nature."

The Wisdom of the Universe by Anthony Chene - Interview with Nassim Haramein

The Wisdom of the Universe” - Interview with Nassim Haramein
"Nassim Haramein has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations."


with Kirsty Salisbury

+ podcast   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

with Kirsty Salisbury

Let's Talk Near Death Podcast with Kirsty Salisbury

Kirsty Salisbury is a speaker, podcaster and coach filled with passion for her message of eliminating regret, living on purpose, and removing the fear of death. Kirsty is a strong believer that we can all "design" our future regardless of our circumstances.

Kirsty's passion comes from her own traumatic life event. In April of 1990, she experienced a sudden brain illness which took her straight to the operating theatre for emergency brain surgery. It was during this surgery that her Near Death Experience took place, and she "experienced some very different dimensions to the ones we experience here on earth". She woke to a completely new life, and her interest into NDE’s has consistently grown ever since.

"Join me as I explore Near Death Experiences, and chat directly to people who have had this kind of experience. We will hear first hand accounts of what took place, and what life has been like since returning to this life."

Join the Let’s Talk Near Death Community to stay updated with new episodes, news, discussions and announcements about the Let’s Talk Near Death Podcast.


with Food Matters and FMTV

+ docu-series   + AVAILABLE ONLINE

with Food Matters and FMTV

TRANSCENDENCE - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary - Docu-Series

TRANSCENDENCE 1 & 2 - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary

Transcendence is a 2-season, 10-episode docu-series which explores the current state of our physical, emotional, and mental health in a captivating new way.

"Learn the tools to transcend your limitations, unlock your personal power and achieve elevated states of consciousness to manifest the life you truly desire."

Transcendence 1 - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary - 2018

In TRANSCENDENCE 1, you'll hear from some of the world’s most recognized doctors, high-performance athletes, thought leaders, and everyday people who are living a life on purpose through the power of food, mindset, and self-discovery. Come on a journey to discover the secrets to living a happy and purposeful life. Learn from the world’s best on how you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, using what you already have.

Watch Transcendence 1

Transcendence 2 - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary - 2020

TRANSCENDENCE Season 2 will help you to understand how powerful thoughts are, and how they can shape your life, your relationships, and the world around you. You’ll hear from some of the world’s leading experts and thought leaders on mind-body science, emotional healing, happiness, spiritual growth, plant-based medicine, and transformation.

Watch Transcendence 2

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