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Alena Peacock


+ Energy Clearing+ Land & House Clearing+ Mediumship+ Past Lives

As a Medium my specialty area is doing Spirit/Energy release work of those energies both good and negative/dark that attach to people and their homes /land.  Working with lost souls and entities, I release them into the Light in order to restore harmony back into people’s lives.

I have a very keen interest in helping young children and teenagers dealing with spiritual problems. I also have the ability to see people’s past lives, should a reading be necessitated for that.

Please know that all my work can be done remotely if need be.

Tauranga    +027 403 8240+izba@xtra.co.nz

Glenda Rainey


+ Body Talk+ Reconnective Healing+ Theta Healer+ Angelic Usui Reiki Teacher+ Author

“I'm Glenda Rainey, a trained Body Talk Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Theta Healer. Also a Teacher of Angelic Usui Reiki. Trained by Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, I live in the sunshine capital of Whakatane. I am the author and illustrator of “Everybody has a Guardian Angel”, a beautiful book introducing children to the concept of angels. This book is available at Whitcoulls. I'm a Primary School Teacher and also work as a volunteer helping children through periods of trauma in their lives.”

“I bring through Energies of Love and Light that help to release blocks and assist the body to heal in the most appropriate way for you.”

For Joy, Greater Inner Strength and Harmony in your life...

Whakatane    +07 308 9265+027 481 5936

Carol Pamment - Harmony Health & Healing


+ Access Bars & Body Therapy+ Access Energetic Facelift+ Bowen Therapy+ Massage+ Reflexology+ Access Bars Classes

"My aim is to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul naturally, in a lovely quiet atmosphere, allowing the stress to melt away, so your body can heal itself and you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel a sense of true wellness."

Te Puke - 315 Rangiuru Road
Papamoa - 84 Percy Road
Tauranga – 775 Cameron Road - Wild Herbs Natural Therapies Centre

For more information please visit: www.harmonyhealthandhealing.weebly.com and www.accessconsciousness.net

+ Read more about Bowtech Bowen Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology on the modalities page.

Tauranga/Papamoa/Te Puke    +07 573 5523+027 563 2418+harmonyhealthandhealing@hotmail.co.nz+harmonyhealthandhealing.weebly.com

Leigh Ross - The Oneness Sanctuary


+ Energy Healing+ Massage+ Life & Death Transition Coach+ Seminars & Talks+ Land & House Clearing+ Spiritual Guidance & Readings

“Bringing all aspects of Creation together in the moment to create the magic of 'Oneness'”

“The healing I do provides a clear, powerful, energetic upgrade to your system. This healing works on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and can be very effective for helping those with cancer, fatigue, emotional issues, serious physical complaints, etc or if you feel you just need a boost to help you through a rough patch. In-person appointments available as well as 'distance' sessions.”

Other services and websites: “Awakening to your Divinity” Seminars + Native Impressions Art - Facebook

Tauranga    +07 543 0351+021 139 4760+leighross@gmail.com+find Leigh Ross - The Oneness Sanctuary on Facebook

Katrina Nilsen


+ First Light Flower Essence of NZ Practitioner

“I am a certified First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand Practitioner. I have had stalls at the wellbeing festivals and Healthy Living festivals in Tauranga and Taupo.”

“With First Light essences we treat the whole person, personality, soul and spirit and it is a vibrational medicine that addresses the root cause of any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue.”

Suzanne Hodge


+ Energy Healing+ Reiki

“I have always been involved in the healing arts, whether it be conventionally (as a Pharmacist), or alternatively/complementary ("Natural" therapies, Shiatsu, Energy and Reiki Healing). Although I am now concentrating on my energy and Reiki healing, I often incorporate my knowledge from other modalities, depending on what my Spirit Guides lead me to.”

“My intention is to relieve stress and help people find their inner peace, so they are in a better position to make good decisions and/or communicate with their Guides.”

Tauranga    +07 5444 693+021 244 0877+find Suzanne Hodge on Facebook

Maryanne Brunetti - Angels4Healing


+ Angel Intuitive+ Certified Angel Card Reader+ Mediumship

“I offer Angel Readings, classes, and coaching. My intention is to assist people to strengthen their confidence in the relationship they have with their Guardian Angels, who are ever present in their lives. All they have to do is ask, and no request is too big or small.”

“I'm a Certified Angel Card Reader (certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D)”

Tauranga    +find Maryanne Brunetti - Angels4Healing on Facebook

Uta Weidemeier - Multidimensional Health & Bodywork


+ Holographic Kinetics+ Massage

I am an allied health and holographic kinetics practitioner.

Rosetta Abatematteo - Crystal Rose


+ Aromatherapy+ Natural Healing Therapy+ Reiki+ Counselling & Mentoring+ Spiritual Development+ Clairvoyance+ Mediumship+ Seichim

“I have worked for 30 years in the community and assisted many people. I work with Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters and am a Reiki and Seichim Master, Angel Seer and Visionary Artist. I conduct workshops and teach spiritual development, colour healing, Reiki and Seichim. My readings are very accurate and I assist people to reach their potential and in moving on in their path of Love and Light.”

Papamoa    +021 075 8040+crystalrose7891@gmail.com

Kate Alama


+ Numerology

Personal Predictive Profile - Day born, Life Path, Inner Personality, Outer Personality, Destiny, Power, Intense Numbers, Life Lessons, Pinnacles, Challenges, Health and Well Being, Life Cycles, Name Analysis, Life Song and more. A separate report can be done for current married name.

Relationship Profile - How well matched - 2 Profiles.

Pet Profile - Inner Personality, Outer Personality, Destiny.

Guest Speaker - Able to speak at your next company/staff development seminar.

Rotorua    +07 357 5487+021 139 6388+katchulator@yahoo.co.nz+find Kate Alama on Facebook



+ Spiritual & Mental Healing+ Life Coaching+ Meditation+ The Torus Technique

AmayahGrace “works in partnership with Ascended Masters and Beings of Love and Light to support people to free themselves from limitations that stop them from moving forward with Ease, Joy and Confidence”.

“All my work is guided by Spirit and I use touch, sound - toning and Light Language - and visualisations to create a safe space so you can get right to the heart of the matter...to enable profound healing to take place easily and effortlessly. It's all about moving through limitations into the freedom of the Truth of Who You Are. Whether you are physically present in my healing space, or we work by phone or by Skype, you can experience profound change in your life.”

“My services/techniques include "Healing the Heart of the Matter", "Clearing Core Beliefs and Past Life Trauma", "Inner Child Healing", "Light Language Healings", Guided Meditations (free) and "Bringing Out the Best in You" (life coaching).”

If you'd like to sign up for her occasional newsletter, please fill in the form at the bottom of her website Home page.

Tauranga    +07 579 9779+021 683 772+amayahgrace01@gmail.com+www.amayahgrace.com+Blog+find AmayahGrace on Facebook+follow AmayahGrace on Twitter

Jacqueline Berry


+ Spiritual & Mental Healing+ Metaphysical Practitioner

Metaphysics - The systematic study of the science of Being; that which transcends the physical.”

“After many years of studying, working and training in this field with Metaphysicians and Spiritual leaders from around the globe, I'm now based in the Bay of Plenty and am available for private and group consultations.”

“I work with clients privately aiding them to make the shift in the mind necessary to move them on with their lives. I work with you at your level of understanding to discover yourself and where you are, how you are and where you would like to be. It may be relationship based, personal grief, or aiming at complete success in any and every area of your life.”

Tauranga    +022 309 3074+newthoughtnz@live.com+Skype address for Jacqueline Berry kiwirev

Terry Keillor - Empower-U


+ Energy Psychology+ Hypnotherapy+ Neuro Linguistic Programming+ Self Hypnosis

"Become fully empowered, take control of your life and experience improved health, wealth and happiness. Triumph over addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs), emotional trauma (physical and sexual abuse), stress disorders, phobias, and chronic health issues. Use the magic of hypnosis to empower your self-confidence, focus and performance."

Terry Keillor is a professional hypnotherapist with 16 years experience helping people achieve their goals. He has a Bachelor and a Master of Applied Science degree, a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP and a Certificate in Adult Education.

"Fill your life with purpose, direction and positivity."

+ Read more about Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Self Hypnosis on the modalities page.

Tauranga    +07 544 2619+021 595 892+terry@empower-u.net+www.empower-u.net

Trixie-May Moss


+ Clairvoyance+ Tarot Card Readings

“I have over 20 years experience working with spirit and am celebrating by offering Special $20 Tuesdays.”

One hour readings $70.00.

Tauranga    +07 541 0028+027 201 2734

Henry Leckie-Hodge


+ Energy Healing+ Massage+ Spiritual Guidance & Readings

“I am available for spiritual readings and guidance and also healings. Readings may be done in person, skype or email. I am also good with massage.”

Wellington    +027 522 0197+henryleckiehodge@outlook.co.nz

John Swanepoel - Original Health


+ Acupuncture+ PaRama Bodytalk Practitioner+ Change Management+ Workshops & Courses

“Registered PaRama Bodytalk Practitioner - People & Animals (ParBP, CBP), NZ Registered Acupuncturist (Dip Ac), NZ Registered Physiotherapist (Bsc Hons PT)”

“I use the Bodytalk System as my main modality. Bodytalk works on the principle that daily and past stresses such as toxins, emotional and physical traumas impact on our bodies own ability to heal properly. Today the health professions are labelling this kind of approach as Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Epigentics and Psych-Neuro-Immunology. The PaRama Bodytalk System includes all aspects of these disciplines.”

“I practice Alternative Medicine. My focus on alternative medicine has enabled me to extend my scope of practice to help people and animals. Animal Talk is a branch of The Bodytalk System that many Bodytalk Practitioners include in their practices.”

“I started out as a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist and completed my post graduate level studies in Consciousness Medicine with the PaRama College. I am a member of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine. My main focus is the diversity of Alternative Medical modalities and their effectiveness. I am particularly interested in Vedic Medical Herbalism, Clinical Acupuncture, Electro Homeopathy and Vedic Medical Astrology.”

Tauranga    +07 213 0961+021 900 895+john@johnswanepoel.com+www.johnswanepoel.com

Annis Parker


+ Energy Healing+ Energy Healing Teacher+ Seminars & Talks

“I grew up in a family with an awareness of the Human Energy Field and various other esoteric matters. I am a New Zealand Registered Nurse with educational, management and advanced nursing practice qualifications (RGON, ADN, Dip. Ed. CHTP, CHTI).”

“I now have a full time practice (since 1997) in Healing Touch. This work encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the Human Energy Field. I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor. My practice has a human, animal (both domestic and zoo) and a teaching section and I speak publicly to large and small groups.”

+ People Healing - Assessing and rebalancing the “Human Energy Field” to encourage the body to return to its healing capacity as well as ‘jump starting’ and repairing after surgery or injury

+ Animal Healing - Domestic and zoo

+ Teaching - “Healing Touch” for humans, “Energy Healing” for animals (horse and dog courses separately) and a specific course for vets and vet nurses

+ Public Speaking - Large and small groups on a variety of subjects

Tauranga    +07 543 0280+021 607 584+annis.parker8@gmail.com+www.annisparker.co.nz

Rosemary Leach - True Purpose Inspirational Coaching


+ Law of Attraction Life Coach+ Inspirational Channelling

“Have you a Dream? Have you a goal or goals? Are you realising your dream or your goals? Or do you feel trapped or frustrated? Feeling you are on a continuous merry-go-round which never arrives anywhere? As a Law of Attraction Life Coach I walk alongside to help you discover the answers to your questions, and unlock those dreams and goals. I teach you tools and processes that you can use and have available to you anytime.”

“Contact Rosemary at True Purpose Inspirational Coaching for a complimentary 30 minute session to find out more, or make an appointment. Normal sessions are 45 - 60 minutes. Sessions available over the phone, or skype.”

+ Read more about Rosemary's Law of Attraction Life Coaching and Inspirational Channelling on the modalities page.

Tauranga    +07 577 9672+rosemary@truepurpose.co.nz+www.truepurpose.co.nz+Skype address for Rosemary Leach - True Purpose Inspirational Coaching rosemaryjleach

Rev. Carole Mahood-Spice


+ Celebrant & Ceremonialist+ Interfaith Minister

Founding Member Council of Interfaith Communities Asia Pacific

“I am an experienced celebrant and ceremonialist, creating heart crafted ceremonies which include funerals, baby namings, home & business blessings and rites of passage. I also offer sacred vigiling for the dying and support of the bereaved.
I am the facilitator of thequietearth gathering, spiritually inclusive Sunday gatherings.”

“There are many pathways to the top of the mountain with many viewpoints.  I believe we each have our own unique pathway, our own connection to the greatest Source. It does not need a label, it does not need another person, organisation or institution to give it to us, it is there, within us for the remembering.”

Donna Richmond


+ Kinesiology

“I have recently returned from the U.K having been attuned to “Caeayaron’s Magnetic Alignment” frequencies. This is the first time humanity has been gifted with this powerful new light stream of healing. It is the strongest form of vibrational healing available to mankind.”

“I have worked as a specialised Kinesiologist for the past 9 1/2 years and am finding these new light stream frequencies to be more powerful and that they go deeper than any of the kinesiology I have ever done. My clients are healing on a whole new level, it’s so exciting watching my clients heal and grow in the love of the angels.”

My clinic is "Activated Natural Health" located at 78 King Street, Whakatane, inside Kope Pharmacy.”

Whakatane    +021 024 33 599+Activated Natural Health, 78 King Street, Whakatane+dlrrichmond@hotmail.com+find Donna Richmond on Facebook

Karen Ainsworth-Kopa


+ Messenger for Spirit

“Hi my name is Karen and I am a Messenger for Spirit. I hear and feel their presence. I am passionate about the work I do and love being able to help people see for themselves the answers that lie within themselves can help them to move forward on their journey.”

“With Spirit's guidance, I can help you to step into your truth and regain your power by giving you some tools to help you see things in a new way.”

“Throughout the reading I will connect with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and loved ones who may come through with messages. Throughout the session, we hope to inspire, empower and encourage you to walk away with a new-found confidence to know you are heading in the right direction.”

“I am based in Papamoa for face-to-face readings. Phone and Skype readings are also available throughout NZ and overseas.”

Papamoa    +07 575 7780+021 137 3837+the_akays@clear.net.nz+find Karen Ainsworth-Kopa on Facebook

Ivo Nieling - Inari Raphael Ltd


+ Jin Shin Jyutsu+ Shamanic Healing+ Seminars & Talks+ Land & House Clearing

Ivo's shamanic work started by being part of the exploration of the healing medicinal gifts of the native flora, fauna, animals and minerals of New Zealand during the development stage of "The Rainbow Essences of Aotearoa" and the restructuring of the "Sacred Web Oracle and Cards" with Robert van der Touw in 2001. Since then Ivo has intensively practiced shamanism and shamanic healing for people and land worldwide, and often his healing work involved de-possession and clearing of curses. Ivo is also a fully trained practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is a gentle art of acupressure to restore harmony in the body.

Ivo is currently also writing a new Oracle for Transformation and Healing. Its purpose is to allow a structure of deeper consciousness to awaken within us and the planet, to assist us on the journey to Unity. This Oracle will be published in Dutch and English.

Athenree    +07 863 5420+027 216 9369+info@inari.co.nz+www.inari.co.nz+find Ivo Nieling - Inari Raphael Ltd on Facebook

Rachel Tooman - Lily Earth


+ doTERRA Wellness Advocate+ Workshops & Courses+ Essential Oils

Services – dōTERRA Essential Oil Natural Health workshops

Products – dōTERRA Therapeutic and Food Grade essential oils and blends.

Mount Maunganui    +0210 873 8025+hello@lilyearth.com+www.lilyearth.com+Newsletter+find Rachel Tooman - Lily Earth on Facebook+follow Rachel Tooman - Lily Earth on Twitter

Kerry Thomson


+ Allergy Elimination+ Bowen Therapy+ Gestalt Equine Therapy+ Reiki+ Counselling & Mentoring+ Workshops & Courses

“Owning my own horse was the start of an amazing spiritual journey for me. Geronimo (my horse) opened my eyes to the incredible healing power that horses have. Whether it’s just watching them in the paddock while they quietly graze, lying on a massage table while they stand beside it, or having them assist in a Gestalt Equine therapy session, just being in their presence can allow healing to occur at a deep level. They live in the now, with their honest responses they reflect back to us what is going on in our lives, and if we allow ourselves the time and space in our busy schedules, we can witness firsthand their amazing unconditional understanding and healing.”

“If you’re feeling lost, unsure of what to do or where to go, maybe not as confident as you would like to be, or just need some balance or guidance in your life, come and experience for yourself what the horses can offer you. Either up close or from a distance let them help you understand and heal, let them help you to move forward on your journey, let them be your guides to a better you.”

“Also available – Energy Balancing and Readings”

Tauranga    +07 552 6768+021 607 797+horseheaven@xtra.co.nz+www.bowenclinicbop.co.nz

Paula Ormiston


+ Aromatherapy+ Ear Candling+ Reflexology+ Reiki Master Teacher

“I have over 15 years experience in different healing modalities, have trained in the UK and NZ and have helped many people along the way. I offer professional, relaxing healing tailored to each individual's needs.”

“I also provide Reiki classes to those who want to learn Reiki in small groups from level 1 through to Teachers in a professional, friendly relaxed atmosphere.”

Tauranga    +07 579 9349+cliffandpaulaormiston@gmail.com

Karanna Enting - International Sound Therapist


+ Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy

“Let sound take you on a sacred journey of relaxation, health & connection to your true Self.”

“Crystal bowl music is a form of vibrational medicine which validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. And the frequency at which an object or person vibrates is called Resonance. The chakras, bones, and organs all possess a different resonant frequency. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being. All illness is blocked energy.”

“In addition to crystal bowls I also use Tibetan singing bowls, my voice & many more instruments from around the world. Having the various instruments played to you gives you a unique experience of letting go of pain and emotional trauma, being bathed in an array of sounds turns your physical body into a completely relaxed state of Love and Light and this allows you to freely let go.”

“The services I offer include one-on-one & group Crystal Bowl Therapy sessions, Crystal Bowl meditations, taking you through 'The Journey' by Brandon Bays, land and house clearings with sound, music for dancers, movies & plays, workshops in schools and Sound Therapy on animals.”

Opotiki    +07 315 7715+027 215 3302+karanna_e2@hotmail.com

Gaylene McLarnon - Crystal Clear Intentions


+ Ascension Crystal Healer+ Chakra Balancing+ Massage+ Meditation+ Workshops & Courses+ Crystal Layouts+ Energy Clearing+ Crystals

“I am an Ascension Crystal healer and connect people with their healing crystals. We also provide healing services including chakra balancing, emotional healing, clearing, crystal layouts and whatever is given by spirit to assist individuals to remove any blockages, move forward in their life, bring out their own intuition and enhance their wellbeing and inner knowing.”

Pamela Kelly


+ Clairvoyance+ Mediumship+ Numerology

“I combine numerology with mediumship and clairvoyance. My services include readings in person and over the phone, house clearings and platform work. Readings include a CD recording.”

“I start off looking at birthday numbers and that tells me how I can help you counteract the ups and downs that could occur for you and make life a little easier. Also what you are good at, this is very good for career advice. I then channel, bringing in loved ones and health issues, then take you ahead in your life using numerology.”

Tauranga    +07 571 4434+021 797 637+pamlucie.smith@xtra.co.nz+find Pamela Kelly on Facebook

Elaine Sollitt - Hair Linez


+ Aromatherapy+ Massage+ Reflexology+ Crystals

Hours: Wed-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm

Spiritual Discussion Group: Doors open 10.15am, start 10.30am - 11.30am. Every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month. Door entry is $3.00.
Location is Hair Linez , Te Puke.
Please contact Elaine for further information.

Te Puke    +07 573 5361+Hair Linez, Old Railway Station, 160 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke

Moira O'Malley - Transform and Evolve


+ doTERRA Wellness Advocate+ Holistic Animal Therapist+ Counselling & Mentoring+ Life Coaching

“By combining over 20 years of training and experience in USA, NZ and Australia in different healing modalities, counselling and therapeutic fields, I can help you understand, recognize and
clear the dynamics and negative core beliefs you have been playing out. I have found the use of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils very conducive to the healing journey on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual.”

Transform and Evolve your world

“Just like us animals are exposed to stress and toxicity due to many environmental factors which can lead to imbalance and cause emotional vulnerability for them. I can be of assistance to your animals as well. Animals respond well to various holistic therapies.”

Magnolia Minerals


+ Natural Health Therapy+ Healthy Living Festivals+ Crystals+ Books & Card Sets

Magnolia Minerals is a retail store located in Greerton, Tauranga offering natural health therapy, crystals and a range of jewellery, dragons, gifts and other products.

Natural health and health therapy is a huge part of their business and the services they offer you. Ruth Mansford, owner and operator of Magnolia Minerals, organises annual Healthy Living Festivals in Tauranga and Lower Hutt and offers you many alternative services.

Debbie Bryant, Natural Therapist is available in store by appointment most days.

Tauranga    +07 571 3981+027 746 8263+172 Greerton Road, Greerton+www.magnoliaminerals.co.nz+find Magnolia Minerals on Facebook

Stephen Benner & Faye McLaren - TM Associates


“Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple, natural technique which brings immediate benefits to mind and body, while providing profound personal growth in the long term. The TM technique is taught in a standardised programme that can be undertaken by anyone regardless of their educational background, social culture, religion or race. It is an effortless and enjoyable process.”

Stephen - “In addition to running courses for the general public since 1975, I have taught TM in business and educational settings. I became a TM instructor because of a desire to allow others to have the kind of extraordinary benefits that I had received in my personal and professional life from TM.”

Faye - “I qualified as a TM instructor in 2008, however have been practicing the TM Technique since 1983. I have a particular interest in teaching TM to women in business to reduce the effects of stress experienced in the workplace.”

Tauranga    +07 544 8778+Stephen 021 0316 136+Faye 021 0458 744+Stephen blissbiz@wave.co.nz+ Faye luminary@kinect.co.nz+www.blissbusiness.co.nz

Jenny Kennedy - Healing Journey


+ Intuitive Healer+ Massage+ Workshops & Courses

“Through my own profound experience of following my intuition to heal from incurable cancer I developed the Healing Journey technique. It is important for true healing to take place to get to the root cause of what created the dis-ease or block, whether on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. I am intuitively guided to uncover for you where the block originates, either in this lifetime or others and bring forward information and healing in order for you to connect with your intuition and begin your own Healing Journey.”

“The Healing Journey technique is just as effective when used with groups. I am intuitively guided to what the consciousness of the group requires and everyone receives healing simultaneously.”

Mount Maunganui    +07 574 4512+021 1799 441+healingjourney@xtra.co.nz+www.jennykennedy.co.nz+find Jenny Kennedy - Healing Journey on Facebook

Bernie Melhuish - Foundation of Light


+ Distance Healing+ Energy Healing+ Energy Clearing

“I've been involved with Energy Healing work for the past 20 years helping people in the UK, Australia and here in NZ. I am currently involved with Nga Tohunga o te Moana a Toi, multi-cultural Spiritual Healing group, the group work in Oneness and Collective Consciousness. I have travelled to various locations in the Nth Island for the past 4 years with the group offering healing to all.”

Tauranga    +07 544 5557+027 340 2513+foundationoflight@yahoo.co.nz+find Bernie Melhuish - Foundation of Light on Facebook

Marie Hickling


+ Life Coaching+ Workshops & Courses+ Spiritual Guidance & Readings

“I was involved with traditional religion until my early 20s and after moving overseas, concluded that religion no longer fitted with me. After returning to NZ, I chose meditation to help work through daily challenges. I actively began researching the spiritual world from which I gained an understanding of the soul's journey. This research has been a part of my life for over 50 years now and I still discover new questions and answers.”

“I have worked as a medium and taught personal and spiritual development, passing along acquired knowledge to clients and small groups, enabling them to share concepts and put them into practice in their own life's journey. I offer one hour face-to-face sessions and two hour classes for small groups. Focusing on the discovery of life and its challenges from a spiritual perspective, and helping people discover who they really are.”


Martin Sullivan - Soul Mechanic

 + Counselling & Mentoring  + Metaphysics Teacher 

Tauranga   + jeshuaone@gmail.com

Tania Brand - Heartsong

 + Sound Healing  + Vocal Coaching 

Tauranga   + 021 747 875

Carl Peterson

 + Author  + Life Coaching 

Tauranga   + perfectgod@outlook.co.nz

Jo Sanders - Tauranga Massage & E-Med NZ

 + First Light Flower Essence of NZ Practitioner  + Innerwise Practitioner  + Massage 

Tauranga   + 07 576 5761

Kim Davis - BeingWhole

 + Intuitive Healer  + Meditation 

Tauranga   + kim@beingwhole.co.nz

Missy Nelson - Healing from Within

 + Law of Attraction Practitioner  + Intuitive Card Readings 

Papamoa   + 021 0220 8644

Joan Hansford-Jensen & Darryl Jensen

 + Tong Ren Therapy  + Universal Balancing 

Tauranga   + 07 577 6781

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